1. This is what winter looks like currently.

  2. Spending the weekend on the edge of the world.

  4. Charleston | May 2014

  5. Alex from The Jam Bandits.

    Took photos of this babe for Yen magazine this weekend. (Full disclosure, I am dating this babe.)

  6. Lady of Lagunillas | Mexico City, DF

  7. Chet Faker | Lover (You Don’t Treat Me No Good) - Sonia Dada

    I don’t normally post non-photo content, but I have had this song on a loop this afternoon and it’s getting me through the Thursday afternoon blues.

  8. Rooftops of Mexico. 

    Rooftop at Jalapa 27, Roma Norte | Making it to the top of Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan

  9. Spent some time in heaven (aka the Pottery Shed - a studio in Paddington) last night. 

    For Broadsheet Sydney.

  10. Same staircase, different views. Deigo Rivera’s studio, San Angel, Mexico City.