1. It is currently pouring with rain and freezing in Sydney. Winter hanging on by her fingernails and I am ready for it to be over.

    Ready for balconies, bare feet and beach time. For jasmine and G&Ts and being sweaty. 

    I will always be a summer, salt-water girl.

  2. Still can’t get Mexico City out of my head.

  3. Southern Hemisphere winters are really tough you guys.

  4. Los Angeles, May 2014

  5. This is what winter looks like currently.

  6. Spending the weekend on the edge of the world.

  8. Charleston | May 2014

  9. Alex from The Jam Bandits.

    Took photos of this babe for Yen magazine this weekend. (Full disclosure, I am dating this babe.)

  10. Lady of Lagunillas | Mexico City, DF