1. Yes to all this:

    finding your keys without having to rummage through your enormous bag; an extra coffee in the late afternoon; new books; summer freckles; slow afternoons with nothing but time; buying that pine, lime and coconut ice block.

  2. Long weekend goes alright.


  3. jamiatt:

    My Italian publisher on how to speak with an Italian accent: “Pretend you have lived your whole life under the sun. Then imagine you are in a room, and you have pushed open the window and the sun is coming in, and fresh air, and outside the room is a courtyard and there are people there drinking coffee and laughing and having a good time. Think of all of that. Now speak.”

  4. LPs Quality Meats | 12-16 Chippen St, Chippendale

    Apologies to the vegetarians, but this place is gooooooood.

  5. Last day of winter looked like this.

  6. Had photos popping up in a few places lately.

  7. Been taking photos for years and still can’t hold my camera straight.

  8. Spent 4 days in Chicago in May and spent the whole time obsessing over how gorgeous the light was.

  9. It is currently pouring with rain and freezing in Sydney. Winter hanging on by her fingernails and I am ready for it to be over.

    Ready for balconies, bare feet and beach time. For jasmine and G&Ts and being sweaty. 

    I will always be a summer, salt-water girl.

  10. Still can’t get Mexico City out of my head.