1. Pasi Petanen of Cafe Paci, for Omnivore magazine.

  2. A couple of outtakes from a shoot at The Book Kitchen the other week.

  3. Sunday.

  4. Beginning to look like Autumn over here.

  5. Got a visitor here who just escaped the polar vortex of New York city, so today was all about sunshine, chlorine and coffee.

  6.  A few quiet moments at Porteno, for Omnivore.

  7. In the week before Christmas, my housemates and I invited several of our friends over for a backyard, holiday feast. We had oysters and prawns, a decadent Ottolenghi garlic tart, paella and more salads than any one group of people could possibly eat. And there were multiple bottle shop runs as the dinner party slowly but surely morphed into a house party (like all the best ones should).

    I’m not a religious person in any way, but I am a firm believer in always taking the time to celebrate with the people you love best. 

  8. Saturday | Sunday

  9. Garie Beach, Royal National Park | 9 February

    Today looked like this. There’s only 3 weeks of summer left so we’re squeezing in as much sunshine and salt water as we can.

  10. CHVRCHES | Metro Theatre, 4 Feb

    They started with my favourite song, and ended with my second favourite. Had goosebumps pretty much throughout. If you haven’t already, give their album a spin or five.